Playing the ol’ “Waiting Game”

1 October, 2008

Was planning on flying out next week, but I thought “Fuck it”. Instead, I want to go on Sunday. There’s no point me just waiting around here. I may as well just get over there. I’ve emailled my brother to let him know…expecting an email later on.


It’s Alive!

30 September, 2008

Well, I decided that as the planned move to Austria is “quite a big thing”, it’d be nice to keep some kind of online journal or “Blog” about my adventures over there.

As usual for me though, this little project could go one of several ways.

It could be frequently updated, full of amusing anecdotes and brimming with oh so hilarious stories of how Austrian toilets are weird (for example). Strangely enough, that’d be the best case scenario.

The other option is that I’ll be having such a good time over in Austria that I won’t have the inclination to get on here and update this blog.

The final option (and most likely one) is that after a few weeks of updating this blog, the novelty will have worn off and I’ll never get back on here again.

I suppose we’ll find out soon enough…